• TIWAII, surfer for minimalism.
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  • TIWAII, surfer for minimalism.


    TIWAII engineers have brought forward representative products for minimalism which have made the functional features deliberately hidden, leaving people with simple beauty, when they enter their shower room, their feeling is clean, tidy, and nothing superfluous.


    This have been implemented in many TIWAII products, let’s take some examples.

    Traditional sliding shower doors have the rollers and glass clamps exposed on the top, TIWAII engineers have some different ways.


    Example 1: Rollers and glass clamps have been hidden in one of the TIWAII bypass sliding door.



    Example 2: reduce the roller clamp size to make it invisible from outdoor, and make the material in 304 stainless steel with fine finish for high-end feeling.




    TIWAII engineers have also brought some hidden Pivot and Hidden Hinge products.


    Example 3:  Hidden Pivot design make it integrated feeling for a high-end product.



    Example 4: when the door is closed, you feel no any functional feature.


    When the door is open, you will see the hidden hinge,  design are there, but they are invisible from your sight.


    Traditional shower doors have some screws exposed, covered by screw caps and make it a lot of patches, this make the shower door not looking unified, TIWAII engineers have some different ways.


    Example 5: different from the traditional shower doors, TIWAII use Flangeless wall profiles and make the screws deliberately hidden.



    There have been a lot of similar design in TIWAII products, interesting? Please come to the TIWAII categories to find more.