• Tiwaii, a Fairy land
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    TIWAII, fairy land of Polynesian


    Pierre Dobuis, a French designer, also a liberal, have visited Polynesia 3 times during the past 20 years and brought the newest inspiration from his last winter’s visit.




    “Polynesian have explored every corner of the Pacific Ocean, this have been thousand years prior to western people did, they have been carried by dugout canoes, seek for interval between God’s calm and fury, played the extreme between nature and lives, they have been somewhere mankind never approached, where they are given the expectant fairy land, Promised land, TIWAII.





    “I am a liberal, outdoor extreme sports lover, advocate extreme freedom, what have impressed me deepest are the instances that being together with Maoris, Samoans, Hawaiians and Cook Islanders, they have understood the truth of lives deeper than any of us.”





    “Something more meaningful have been there rather than what we are looking for, just change our mind, you, I and any Polynesian, treat ourselves as one of humble seabird, remove distractions, seek for somewhere we call fairy land, the course have been more meaningful than mundane chores.”






    “Live in the moment“, said Pierre,  “this is not my word, Marlon Brando’s”.  






    “Living here, you, me, a Polynesian, a sea gull, or a zebrafish, everyone is equal, we share this fairy land, the truth of life is the course of seeking balance between yourself and nature.”