• TIWAII, meticulous care for humanity
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  • TIWAII engineers have brought forward representative products for meticulous care, this have been implemented from safety, environment friendly and maintain convenient.


    TIWAII products have been implemented strict qualification before promote to market, this includes function tests and quality control.


    Example 1:  Qualification test with 60,000 cycles to evaluate the shower door from safety, abrasion and noise.



    Example 2:  Qualification test with 2 times heavy striking to simulate impact from a western adult falling, see if the shower door is still structured for people to escape.




    Example 3:  Qualification test with particular water speed and pressure to evaluate the shower door seal performance by grading.



    Example 4:  Steel ball drop test to evaluate if the temper glass withstand for particular weight plus particular height per particular glass thickness.



    Example 5:  Salt spray oven test to evaluate if the metal parts and electroplating pass the grading requirement per NSS and CASS.




    From initiate, TIWAII have taken highly customer experience, that include convenience for daily maintain for housewives.

    Example 6:  All TIWAII products are optional for customer to choose temper glasses with or without Nano coating, additionally, customer can choose single sided Nano coating or double sided Nano coating per her maintanence frequency.


    Example 7:  Many TIWAII products have been designed with particular slope  for Self drainage and bring convenience for housewives.




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